Contract Lift Or CPA Crane Hire

When hiring mobile cranes there are a number of options towards the choice of hire which we can offer, Contract Lift or CPA Crane Hire. This is dependant upon the needs of the customer

Contract Lift.

This is the prefered choice for the customer when they do not have an appointed person to plan the lifting operations which are to be undertaken. Highcliffe Engineering will provide an appointed person who is CPCS trained to plan the lifting operations. I planning the lifting operations the appointed person shall complete the following, select the appropriate crane which is required to carry out the lift. They shall also arrange all slinging requirements which are needed and any extra lifting equipment. A lifting plan and method statement and risk assessment shall also be completed to cover all the lifting operations been carried out. The appointed person shall also supervise the lifting operations when they are been carried out.

Contract lifting offers piece of mind to the customer as most of the responsibility is taken away from them. The customer still has a responsability to ensure that the ground conditions are adequate for the crane coming and working on their site. The customer also has the responsibility to provide accurate information about the weight and size of the load to be lifted.

CPA Crane Hire

Under CPA crane hire terms the crane and operator will work to the customers instructions. The customer will plan the lift, select a suitable crane, specify the slinging and signalling arrangements, supervise the lift and be responsible for all lifting operations being undertaken.

Hired In Plant Insurance.

When hiring cranes under standard CPA terms the customer has a responsability to provide hired in plant insurance cover, which is to cover the value of the machine been used. The minimum cover that a hirer will need is 250 000.

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